AWG POLONEZ Catalytic block and IMS

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Catalytic block and IMS


AWG Polonez is thriving in the industrial field. We manufacture catalytic systems for industrial engines. Based on our previous experience, we can design and manufacture catalytic systems of any shape: circular (with a diameter of 24 mm to 1026 mm), oval, square and with dimensions according to customer requirements. AWG Polonez manufactures catalytic blocks made from specialised tape that is suitably corrugated and rolled or laid. Depending on customer requirements, we produce blocks with channel densities from 5 to 900 cpsi. The standard tape widths used are: 45 mm, 74.5 mm, 90 mm, 120 mm to 300 mm. The coiled or folded tape is sealed with a 1-2 mm thick stainless steel band, then vacuum brazed and chemically treated.

Katalizatory filtry cząstek stałych DPF

AWG Polonez has introduced a catalytic metal block made of perforated strip – the IMS block – to the domestic and European market. The difference between the new IMS catalytic block and the structures that are currently in use worldwide is that the gases are mixed within the block and do not flow freely through open channels. The exhaust particles move through the different layers of the spiral. This results in better (more regular) contact with the particle surface. The IMS can be used in petrol and diesel vehicles and is widely used in particulate filters.

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